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5 days astronomy and geology filed trips from marrakech


Discover Morocco with AtlasGeoTours:

Embark on an immersive expedition spanning five unforgettable days, traversing the diverse landscapes of Morocco’s geological wonders and cultural treasures.

Our journey begins in Marrakech, where we bid farewell to the bustling city and venture towards the rugged beauty of the High Atlas Pass. Along the way, we pause in Ouarzazat, known as the Moroccan Hollywood, where we indulge in a delightful lunch amidst the cinematic scenery.

As the sun sets, we find ourselves in the captivating expanse of the Alnif desert, its black stony terrain offering a surreal backdrop for our first encounter with the starlit sky. Here, under the guidance of expert lectures, we delve into the mysteries of the cosmos, awestruck by the celestial spectacle above.

Throughout our expedition, we engage with local communities, immersing ourselves in their vibrant cultures and traditions. Evenings are enriched with lectures on astronomy, offering insights into nomadic tribal cultures and their celestial beliefs.

As our adventure draws to a close, we trace the scenic Road of a Thousand Kasbahs, each one a testament to Morocco’s storied history…



Day 1

leave Marrakech cross the high atlas pass , lunch in Ouarzazat Moroccan Hollywood , evening in Alnif desert . First contact with the stars and sky lecture night in a hotel in the flat black stony desert in half board.

Day 2

Today we visit fossil quarries to collect fossils, primarily trilobites, and spend the evening in a hotel near Merzouga’s Erg Chebbi sand dunes. After dinner, there will be a lecture about astronomy in nomadic tribal culture, such as Berbers, Bedouins, and Touregs, as well as mythology and beliefs.

Day 3

Today we explore additional geology in the area, meet locals, and get a taste of local culture. Evening sky observation using a 200 mm telescope after dinner. Then it was time to return to the desert camp.

Day 4

drive back thru the road of thousand Kasbahs , night at roses valley at a guest house , night with a local family ..

Day 5

drive back to Marrakech via Tichka high atlas pass be in Marrakech around 16h.

Discover Morocco with AtlasGeoTours