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8 days fossils and minerals collecting midlle Issoumour tour from Ouarzazate


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Embark on an unforgettable 8-day journey with our exclusive Middle Issoumour Tour, focused on Fossils and Minerals Collecting, starting from Ouarzazate.

Upon departure, you’ll be whisked away to immerse yourself in Morocco’s geological wonders. Relax in comfortable accommodations each night as we delve into the country’s ancient fossil sites and shimmering mineral deposits. Led by expert guides, each day offers an immersive exploration into Morocco’s rich geological history.

Join us for a journey through time unlike any other. Secure your spot today and prepare for an extraordinary experience with Moroccly Travel.



Day 1

Departure from Ouarzazate after breakfast towards Draa valley nice landscapes stop at Beni Zoli Ordovician site rich in big parts of huge trilobites. Picnic on the site afternoon drive further to Serradrar visit Silurian site collect black orthoceras. The evening in a hotel in Alnif.

Day 2

departure from Alnif to visit the Cambrian site famous by it s huge yellowish trilobites, Picnic in the Oasis afternoon visit Ordovician site jbel Tiskaouine riche in calymenes and flexycalymenes . In the evening back in the same hotel.

Day 3

Departure to discover Isoumour famous trilobites post paradise. Where all species of Devonian trilobites lived together. Collect rolled phacops. Picnic on the site and head to Atchana site also Devonian but in flat not a mountain after we will collect red ammonites in lakrabis evening at Auberge Mharch nice Oasis inn.

Day 4

Departure to mecessi to visit Lalla mimouna site collect some Devonian trilobites then jbel Mdawar to collect Devonian goniatites picnic there and head to Merzouga Erg chebbi magic sand dunes evening in a nice hotel in Merzouga .

Day 5

Departure south towards Taouz visits the famous kem kem site rich in fish crocodiles and spinosaurus bones and teeth. Then collect echinoderms in Boutariyt site. Picnic in the old mine of Filon12 famous by its vanadinites, quartz and goethite. Then visit M ifis old laid mine and back to the hotel in Merzouga.

Day 6

Departure north Merzouga. Collect black Devonian pyritised goniatites at Azourz site. Then trilobites at Tisket site. Visit an active Barythe mine, Picnic in the sacred Oasis. Afternoon collect sand roses made of gypsum and sand also bites of bones vertebras. Evening back to the hotel in Merzouga

Day 7

The way back Erfoud to Ouarzazate. Stop at Todgha gorges and have food at Dades gorges evening at Ouarzazate hotel 3 stars.

Day 8

Transfer to the airport according to your flight time..

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