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Many civilizations from antiquity, including the early Babylonians and Mesopotamians, the Maya, the Chinese, the Arabs – in particular during the Midvale period – and the Greeks, with the rest of the Europeans following in their tracks, have explored the sky, discovered, named and enjoyed a lot of stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and more. The began using their discoveries for orientation purposes, as reference and guidance in the desert to safely run their trading routes by caravans from South to North and vice versa. The stars showed them their way – back to their camp sites and families.


Discover the Milky Way, the Polar Star, the Planets Saturn and Jupiter, the constellations of the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and Cassiopeia. Continue with other planets, stars and constellations with both your naked eye as well as our 200 mm telescope.

Imagine what you will be able to see through our equipment! You may be able to identify stars like Arcturus, Aldebaran, Alderamine, Vega, Altair, Sirius, Rigel and many more. Would you like to see a falling star and make a wish – chances are tremendous! Do not observe only one but – with a little luck – several meteors per night! Discover and admire the sky, the planets, the stars from this unique observation point.

Take your very own actual observations of the sky by using our telescope as much as you wish. Decide for your own whether the famous constellation you see is really a big bear – or rather a casserole or even a camel !  

Minimum : 2 personnes & maximum : 20 personnes

Program of the day trip :

    Welcome to Our Desert Oasis Atro Camp .Stay with us ,Be our host at our Astro camp , large clean private luxurious tents . Manage to arrive at our office, at the center of Hassilabiad village , there , we take you in charge . we transfer you to our astro camp , you get your private tent, we take you for a camel ride in the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi , enjoy the scenery of the sun set ,then bring you back . one hour off to relax and explore our Astro camp . once ready we serve you dinner , once well feeded , we give you a presentation about northwest African nomadic tribes and astronomy . mythology and beliefs . then we walk few meters from the camp to enjoy explore and read the sky ( Sky lecture ) then we give you a unique chance to observe the sky using our binocular and telescope 200 mm while we answer your questions . Once you are happy enough you can join a talk around a fire and talk till you feel sleepy and join your tent to have a good sleep . Next morning after breakfast we transfer you back to your vehicle at our office.

    Astronomical Event Programme :
    • At 21 h 00  general presentation – Presentation will include details about the nomadic style of life and the impact of the sky, stars, planets on the life of the desert’s human inhabitants – how they managed to guide their trading caravans on safe routes across the mighty Sahara by using the night sky as a means of orientation.
    • at 21 h 45  observation – Sky observation and contemplation, testing your knowledge and how you understood the presentation.
    • at 22 h 00  sky lecture – Exploration of circumpolar constellations, other visible constellations depending on season, open clusters, planets & the Milky Way.
    • at 22 h 30  observation using a 200 mm telescope – Observation of the moon if in visibility, planets, open clusters, questions and answers with our presenter. Discussion opens until
    • 23 h 00 closure and end of the presentation ,Then you are free to join your tent or hotel for a sleep or enjoy open air fire and the fabulous sky


    • persons: 250 euros/person

    NB: All the reservations must be prepaid the latest five days before the trip happens.



    • stay at the camp in half board
    • astronomy cession
    • camel ride
    • transfers from and to our Astro camp

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