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NORTH erg chebbi geological day trip


Morocco geology day trip :

Morocco is the geologist’s paradise. Rich in geology , paleontology, archaeology and much more ,,, while you are in the Tafilalet area , a very wealthy geological lozenge , limited from south and east by Kem-Kem plateau which goes for miles and miles along Moroccan border , with alter Nance of Cenomanian , Albion , and Turonian beds , from north by Jurassic high atlas mounts . And from west by Jbel ougnat , rich mainly in star fish , Ordovician trilobites , jolly fish . Cambrian in jbel saghro and ending by the trilobites post paradise in Alnif . Mainly Devonian.

We will take you on a lifetime trip in the distant past , we will try to make your dream happen and help you find your own fossil , under our expert guidance and assistance . we will explore nature as it’s the best artist .

General conditions :


    Morocco Geo Travel organize geological and pale-ontological field collecting trips . Guided and assisted by our expert’s geologists to discover quarries and mines in the Moroccan atlas and desert. Our drivers are expert, our vehicles are officially licensed Taxi Mtsubihi , Toyota 4×4 or similar , official taxi , with Air conditioning , and in good conditions.

    Our tours are ONE DAY geological tours & field collecting trips. we will take in a trip in the distant past, we want you to collect yourself your proper fossil directly from the beds . We can be flexible when possible. Your satisfaction is our aim. We offer you a high quality assistance and service.

    Minimum : 2 personnes & maximum : 20 personnes

    Program of the day trip :

      Get ready for a day filled with geological wonders and fossil treasures as we pick you up at 8 am from your hotel, riad, or camp. Our journey will take us through a mesmerizing array of ancient formations, starting with Carboniferous beds, then onto Cretaceous beds, Devonian beds, and finally Silurian beds. At each of our four stops, you’ll have the chance to collect a diverse range of fossils including ammonites, fish bones, bivalves, and crinoids.

      Immerse yourself in the ancient world as we explore these remarkable geological layers, each holding clues to Earth’s history spanning millions of years. Our knowledgeable guides will provide insights into the significance of each stop, making this not just a fossil hunt but an educational adventure.

      After a day of discovery and exploration, we’ll ensure your safe return to your residence by 5 pm. This expedition promises not just a collection of fossils, but a deep dive into the geological tapestry of our planet. Join us for a day of paleontological delight and let the mysteries of the past captivate your imagination.



      • 2 person : 150 euros. H.T /person
      • 3 persons and more 100 euros HT / person

      NB :All the reservations must be prepaid the latest five day before the trip happens .



      • Vehicle 4×4, gas & driver and local guide geologist expert
      • hammers to use for collecting fossils .
      • Mid-day picnic in the field: bread + cheese + fish + olives + fruit And mineral water.
      • Maximum 4 peoples in a 4×4 taxi . may be less depending on the number of persons .

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