Morocco 2021 COVID-19 updates

Starting from January 19, 2021 , Morocco has temporarily suspended all flights to Morocco , except for very few countries like USA and Canada.
Please make sure to visite the national ministry of tourism's Website for latest news and announcement.

If you already in Morocco ,feel free to visite our Astronomy Camp in the middle of desert and live a unique experience with our events and tours.

Desert Morocco Astronomy Camp

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To Discover and Explore Real Morocco Special Mixt Trip Geology,Ecology,Archeologie,Culture And Adventure

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Welcome to our Morocco Geology agency, with more than ten years of experience in leading field collecting tours with universities, museums, clubs and particulars from around the world, we are always ready to guide you, to drive you, and proud to assist you in person if only you choose to be our host. Try us we do it right.

MULTIDAY geology TOURS are more than a simple geology trips. We are engaged to make it successful trip thanks to our experience and our how know. That is our main challenge. Rely on us, We do rely on our experience We suggest you three different kinds of paleo-tours according to your time, your possibilities and your interest.

The North West African history attest that Morocco was a land of many connections between different tribes. During the golden age of all the civilizations including, Al Moahades, Al Moravides ,The merinides ...etc , when huge exchanges had happened , lots of trade roots crossed the Sahara north south ,east west ,from Agadez ,Timbuktu ,Dakar ... to Marrakech ,fez ,Mogador,Zagora ,Sijilmassa ... etc .dealing in salt ,gold ,ivory and slaves ,guided and oriented only by the sky and the stars .
They were real successful astronomers with the minimum knowledge they had. No modern technology, no laptops, no smart phones, no Gps and only their eyes and the knowledge they got from their parents.

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Travel upon the time to the old ages, unique experience.

Travelling is always an adventure. When we do travel we always discover something interesting .Our adventures & discovery tours will take you to explore the desert, a very mysterious word you are not probably familiar with it .
We are engaged to make them successful trip thanks to our experience and our how know. That is our main challenge. Rely on us, we do rely on our experience we suggest you lots of different kind of geo paleo-tours according to your time, your possibilities and your interest. We will take you far away from home, on off road assisted and guided to discover the real Morocco .


I have been on field trips with the Segaoui brothers (Sahara Treasures: Atlas Geo tours). I have been to their house and to their restaurant. I have known them well for more than twelve years. I have been more than impressed by their charm, their honesty, their generosity, and their intelligence. They are gifted linguists. They are excellent businessmen. I have always found their trips and business well organized. I am proud to consider them friends, but this has not influenced me in the positive comments made above. I can highly recommend them (and have done so) to others without reservation.

Dr Brian Chatterton - Professor at University of Alberta, Canada

I have travelled with Hmad and M hammed Segaoui at least eight times. They have conducted what are best described as geo touristic trips as well as straight scientific collecting expeditions. Their local knowledge and geological expertise take most of the stress from our shoulders. To the best of my knowledge they are moderately fluent in six languages. I thoroughly recommend their company. Should you or your client need to know more, you are welcome to contact me directly.

DR David J. Ward - Researcher at Natural History Museum, London ¨
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