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10 days fossils and minerals collecting Earth memory trip from Casablanca


Discover Morocco with AtlasGeoTours:

Embark on a fascinating 10-day journey through Morocco’s geological marvels with our Earth Memory Trip from Casablanca.

This exclusive expedition takes you on an immersive exploration of the country’s diverse landscapes, from the heart of the Middle Atlas to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Led by expert guides, you’ll delve into ancient mines, collect fossils and minerals, and picnic amidst stunning natural scenery.

Whether marveling at Jurassic brachiopods or exploring Cambrian and Ordovician mines, each day offers a new adventure in Morocco’s rich geological history. Join us for a truly unforgettable experience that combines discovery, adventure, and the timeless beauty of the Earth.



Day 1

After breakfast at the hotel departure towards Azrou in the heart of the middle atlas, Picnic in the cedar forest with the monkeys then head to the famous Michlifen extinct volcano rich in olivine and magna, then to the Jurassic site next to Timahdite rich in brachiopods bivalves and speriferes, if any time is lift we can visit cretaceous site rich in black shark teeth next to Bakrit. Evening at a 3 stars hotel in Midelt.

Day 2

After breakfast departure to visit Mibladen mines rich in barythe cerusite , also vanadinites but very hard to find then head to Ahouli old mine, to visit old mining equipments. Picnic in the valley then go to Sidi Ayad to collect azurite malachite and flurite evening back to same hotel in Midelt.

Day 3

After breakfast head down to Ziz gorges where we will collect brachiopods bivalves from Jurassic, then to Ziz valley to collect echinoderms cidaris micrasteres from cretaceous cenomanian Picnic in the valley then down to Erfoud city. Evening in the Erg Chebbi sand dunes night in the inn.

Day 4

After breakfast we head south Merzouga towards Mifis mine rich in laid and manganaise, fifty years ago , now desert except same workers looking for massive barytine.then go to kemkem paleoriver beds rich in fish crocodiles and dinosaurs bones. Picnic there then go to an old mine called filon 12 rich in vanadinite quartz citrine and more. Then Devonian bed rich in rolled phacops evening back to the same hotel in the dunes.

Day 5

After breakfast head north Merzouga collect goniatites made of goethite pyritised some times due to the big explosion end Devonian, then collect enrolled Devonian trilobite , then sand roses in the border then Picnic in a sacred oasis full of palm trees. Afternoon collect sand roses and fish, crocodiles, dinosaur’s bones in a cretaceous site Safsaf evening back to same hotel in the dunes.

Day 6

Visit the famous Erfoud quarry ten crinoids’ mine to see the extraction collect few Devonian trilobites at Boutchrafine mount. Picnic under a palm tree afternoon visit the factory where all the big blocs are cut and manufactured to tables, dishes, book ends, and decoration items. Then head to Alnif. Evening at a small hotel in half board.

Day 7

visit Cambrian mine where the big trilobites came from such as cambropalace and paradoxidises. Picnic in the desert Afternoon visit the Ordovician mine of calymes and flexicalymenes de jbel Tiskaouine. Evening back to the same hotel in Alnif.

Day 8

Visit Todgha gorges and head back to Midelt hotel 3 stars in half board.

Day 9

Drive through the high atlas and visit Oued Zem phosphate area famous by its shark teeth, evening in a hotel close to the airport..

Day 10

Transfer to the airport. Depending on your departure time.

Discover Morocco with AtlasGeoTours