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If I book a tour, will I be travelling in a group, or will it be a private tour?

Unless stated otherwise, all our tours are “private tours” which include your own personal guide and driver, we do group travel but for request only.

I’ve seen a tour I really like, but there are a few things I would like to have changed. Is this possible?

Yes! All our tours can be customized to fit your exact needs and desires. Alternatively we also offer a “Custom Tour” option which essentially allows you to design your own tour. If your preferred tour requires major changes, or if you want to build your own tour, we recommend contacting us via Live Chat or on our email.

I have not received the itinerary I requested. What should I do?

While we do everything we can to deliver your itinerary within 24 hours, sometimes things can go wrong. If you haven’t received your requested itinerary within 24 hours, please contact via email or phone.

How can I have changes made to the itinerary I received?

Simply reply to the itinerary email you received from us, stating what changes you want made.

When is the best time to book a tour?

Tours can be booked all year round, although some people do find the heat a bit uncomfortable during hot summer months, from June to August. This is especially true if your itinerary includes spending time in the desert, in which case we recommend visiting during the cooler months of the year from septembre to april.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do offer a discount for group tours providing there are ten or more people in the group. If you are making a group reservation, please discuss discounts with the representative you’re dealing with.

Will I be required to pay a deposit?

Yes, we charge a 25% deposit when you make your reservation with us. However, if you are not able to pay the deposit in full when you make a booking, please let us know that you would like to pay your deposit in installments.

Will I be charged any additional fees or surcharge

No! Atlas geo tours does not charge any additional fees or surcharges – The price you get by email is the price you pay.

Do I need a visa to visit Morocco, and if so, how I do I acquire one?

Most travelers who want to visit Morocco can do so without applying for a visa if your trip will not exceed three months especialy if you are from United Kingdom or USA , Australia & New Zealand , Europe and Japan . However, is it essential that all travellers arrive with a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time you enter Morocco.

Can I book my flights through Atlas Geo tours ?

Sorry , you have to book you flight in your own . we only take care of your journey and hotels .

What to bring me?

Our tours are possible from september to May.
from september to octobre : Nice weather.
from november to february : Litle cold.
from september to octobre : Lovely weather.

What the price include?

Four wheel drive vehicle + guide + gas oil
Sandwichs for mid day and mineral water.
Double occupancy bed dinner and breakfast.
We take you in charge from the airport.

What our prices exclude?

Your flight ticket and your travel insurance.
Overweight baggage fee and alcoholic drings.
Extra personnal costs and drinks.