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Full Name DR David J. Ward

University / museum : Natural History Museum, London

Function Researcher, Palaeontologist, Author.

I have travelled with Hmad and M hammed Segaoui at least eight times.

They have conducted what are best described as geo touristic trips as well as straight scientific collecting expeditions.

Their local knowledge and geological expertise take most of the stress from our shoulders. To the best of my knowledge they are moderately fluent in six languages.

I thoroughly recommend their company. Should you or your client need to know more, you are welcome to contact me directly.

David Ward


Full Name Dr. Brian Douglas Eyre Chatterton

University / museum : University of Alberta, Canada

Function: Professor, Former Chair of Department

I have been on field trips with the Segaoui brothers (Sahara Treasures: Atlas Geo tours). I have been to their house and to their restaurant. I have known them well for more than twelve years. I have been more than impressed by their charm, their honesty, their generosity, and their intelligence. They are gifted linguists. They are excellent businessmen. I have always found their trips and business well organized. I am proud to consider them friends, but this has not influenced me in the positive comments made above. I can highly recommend them (and have done so) to others without reservation.


Brian Chatterton


Full Name Dr Charlie Bristow

University / museum : Birkbeck College University of London

Function Head of Department

I am very happy to recommend M hammed Segaoui as a tour guide in Morocco. I have used M hammed’s services three times, twice with a university group and once with my family. M hammed offers a very professional service. He is always polite and well spoken. He speaks excellent English as well as French, Arabic and Berber and I believe that he also speaks Spanish , German and is learning Japanese. M hammed has been exceptionally helpful to me and my groups of students. He is very caring and if there are any problems he takes it upon himself to sort things out and responds swiftly to student requests for assistance. His extensive knowledge of the region and his contacts in the area around Erfoud and Merzouga mean that he always knows who to contact or what to do.

On a practical note M hammed is a good and safe driver. He always like to check out localities in advance and does not leave things to chance. We have used his services to book accommodation and to rent vehicles with drivers and Mohamed can be trusted to deliver exactly what is requested.


Full Name . Clive Maton

University / musueum : Birkbeck College, University of London

Fonction BSc Geology Undergraduate

Dates : 18 – 28 March 2010

Itinerary: Marrakech – Midelt – traverse of High Atlas – Er Rachidia – Erfoud/Merzouga area – Marrakech

This trip was an assessed field class, run by the lecturers, as part of the degree.

Atlasgeotours assisted the lecturers with the planning and advice, and managed the logistics during the trip. Their management was excellent - the transport was appropriate to the terrain we were crossing; they managed the essential daily water supply and the lunches; the accommodation was good, and the food throughout was excellent.

Their local knowledge and contacts enabled them to manage any issues and ensure we had a trouble free trip e.g. negotiating our way through a major road closure.

They understand the conditions and took appropriate health and safety measures to look after our well-being e.g. safe retreat from approaching sand storms.

They have an extensive knowledge of the local fossils and the fossil business around Erfoud which was excellent for the palaeontology studies.

I found them consistently welcoming and always ready to help to ensure we got the most out of our visit.

Running such a trip in Morocco without having this type of local support would be difficult at best and likely not to achieve its objectives.

I can thoroughly recommend Atlasgeotours to anyone wishing to get the most out of their trip to Morocco.

Clive Maton: Birkbeck College, University of London


Full Name . Wunderlin Eleonora

University / musueum :

Function NHP

The travelling with Atlasgeotours is fine, without risk and troubles.

The tours are absolutely correct and sure.

I can recommend Atlasgeotours.

Ich reiste mit den SEGAOUI Brothers schon zum zweiten Mal durch Marocco.

Es war jedesmal ein Erlebnis, alles klappte alles, Fundorte ok, keine Verspätungen, keine Hindernisse, perfekt waren die
Touren und ich kann die Atlasgetours nur wärmstensempfehlen.

Eschenbach, 05.05.2011

Eleonora Wunderlin


Full Name : Matthias Mertens

University / museum :

We went on a 12 days geological tour from Marrakech with Moha Segaoui from Sahara Treasures. Because our main interest was Paleontology, the itinerary was personalized to our specific needs.

Moha not only took us to geologically stunning places, but also gave us a fascinating, detailed view of life in Morocco that a standard tour would not provide.

He took care of all big and small details, easing the way for us to enjoy visiting all the mineral & fossil collecting sites. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in a reliable and amazing geological tour to morocco !

Matthias Mertens


Full Name : Hilda Bakker en Joof Tummers

University / museum : no

Function : amateurs

We had in 2009 a wonderful two week tour with Atlasgeotours.

Beforehand we mailed about our wishes, to find fossils not minerals.

A service was taking us from Agadir, the place we spend a beach holiday and bringing us back afterwards.

The hotels were very good, the local guides were wonderful, and contact with the local families was very interesting. The food and drinks were in plenty.

The founds were good and the programme was various.

We had a very nice time, in a beautiful country.

M Hammed SEGAOUI is a very good host, speaks French, English, German and of course his native languages. He knows about fossils and minerals.

We have very good memories of this trip.

Joof and Hilda



Full Name Thierry Jung .

University / museum: N/A member of FFAMP, SNAA , France

Fonction: engineer

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Moha as a guide for geologic trip in Morocco. We went on a fossil tour with my 6 year old boy, and the trip was highly successful.Moha knows perfectly well the country and its inhabitants, so we consistently made wonderful encounters and explored rich fossils sites located in magnificent sceneries. As a guide, Moha is keen on listening to its customer wishes, and would not hesitate to adapt the schedule in order to better suit our profiles. He delivers excellent logistics, so that we can fully concentrate on geology and scenery, and this is no small feat with a kid in tow!

He is always ready to help with any kind of problem so that you will drive to the farthest parts of desert without any qualms.

I highly recommend choosing Atlasgeotours for a geologic trip in Morocco and

Personally look forward to the next opportunity to do so!

Thierry Jung , Lyon, 13/05/11


Full Name - Steven Ward

University / museum /- Amateur paleontologist

Function- collecter study of geological features

Atlasgeotours are absolutely brilliant in all aspects of geological tours.

If you want to experience Morocco in all its breath taking scenery, great food and accommodation, you won’t go far wrong with one of their tours.

Our tour was tailored towards the geological side and included off road

travel, which we loved. With the chance to collect your own fossils from

differing periods in time, and visit a fossil museum and shops.

We enjoyed every minute, our guide Moha was excellent and very knowledgeable. He went all out to make sure we saw lots of different

aspects of Morocco. From the High Atlas Mountains to the Anti Atlas,

desert and beautiful sand dunes.

Would we go back, yes. Would we go with Atlasgeotours, yes.

A fantastic tour for anyone interested in seeing the geography and geology of Morocco.

Steven Ward

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