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Our tours are more than a simple trip, we are engaged to make it successful trip, Traveling is always an adventure and an opportunity to discover and live a new lifestyle ,learn new things and try amazing experiences. Travel is always discover something interesting.

we are engaged to share the humane patrimony with the world , we think that every single person on earth need to know where we come from , how was the world millions years ago and trying to give answers to so many questions about our history and existence. The trip, which we led, is bringing attention to an often-ignored issue in the geology field , we have many partnerships with universities over the world and museums .

Besides our tours are highly recommended for professors interested to geology and fossils collecting amateurs , also families that wish have a special experience on middle of Sahara , palms and camels like old ages . But we can't ignore either fans of stargazing and stars hunters , we are the first and the unique company that present sky lecture and time traveling to local culture astronomy .

We offer you many arrivals, and many kinds of trips, in order to serve you better. We are always in your disposition if you require any special targets.


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Need help designing travel plans tailored to your interests, travel dates and budget? Let our staff assist you in turning your dream vacation into reality!
Please help us to deal with your custom tour promptly and efficiently by giving us as much details as possible about your tour (How many days & which tour you are interested in,how many people you are ... etc) so we can deal with your enquiry efficiently.

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