Welcome to our geo-tours, with more than five years of experience in leading field collecting tours with universities, museums, clubs and particulars from around the world, we are always ready to guide you, to drive you, and proud to assist you in person if only you choose to be our host. Try us we do it right. Our tours are more than a simple trips. We are engaged to make it successful trip thanks to our experience and our how know. That is our main challenge. Rely on us, We do rely on our experience We suggest you three different kind of paleo-tours according to your time, your possibilities and your interest



    Our tours are more than a simple trip, we are engaged to make it successful trip...
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    Travelling is always an adventure. When we do travel we always discover something interesting... [read more]



    Morocco is a very rich country especially in its nature and culture. qualified as an important... [read more]

Bivouac & pedestrian trekking


We want to take you to leave as a nomad for few days, few hours or even one nigh according to your possibilities.Nomad life is a very rich and hard way of life; they spend all their life under a tent made of camel...










We suggest you many arrivals, and many kinds of trips, in order to serve you better. We are always in your disposition if you require any special targets.